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11/30 Week News:

UK water co completes refi, includes high-yield USPP.
UK chemicals company in the market.
Aussie toll road back for second deal.
UK HA does 1st USPP, and uses more unique features.
New name in the market.
ITC subsidiary does deal with partial delay.
Rothesay Asset Mgt hires Head of US Privates. 
US manufacturer goes for $350mm, takes $660mm.
Canadian renewables deal in the market.
First deal for vision care/insurance company.
UK REIT upped and priced with delayed funding.
Another AVANGRID subsidiary taps the market.
UK property firm does deal.

11/16 Week News:

Food and beer distributor does $1.1bln deal.
Aussie airport done.
Canadian jet trainer in market for acquisition funds.
US manufacturer back in the market.
Dairy cooperative returns.
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11/09 Week News:

Another AVANGRID subsidiary in the market.
UK REIT price talk emerges.
Aussie airport price talk surfaces.
ITC subsidiary in market.
Commercial finance co back for 2nd deal this year.
October volume more balanced C-B and Domestic.
Dairy Co-op upped and done in six tranches.
Food and beer distributor makes a quick return.
Flavors & fragrances maker goes direct again.
UK REIT with first US private placement.
UK brewer goes direct with first USPP.
Multi project solar refinancing done.

11/02 Week News:

RE investment manager upped, w/three fundings.
Dairy Co-op in market.
Aussie airport back for 2nd USPP.
Aussie electric distributor does a single tranche deal.
Aircraft engine leasing company with first USPP.

10/26 Week News:

RE investment manager back for more.
PRISA takes larger deal.
Utility does a quick add-on.
Aussie electric distributor in the market.
Dutch utility does larger initial US private.
Water utility FMB priced.
Irish company upped and done inside talk.
Electric utility taps the market.
Law firm adds PP pro’s to staff.
UBER does 4(a)(2) without covenants.
Auto sales company upped and priced.

10/19 Week News:

PRISA has $200mm on the cover.
Water utility FMB in the market.
Renewables deal done.
Canadian oil company does larger deal.
Irish company price talk emerges.
Private People Moves:  CBA is hiring.
Water project upped at tight end of talk.
Aussie REIT upped, $1bln of bids at clearing price.
Prudential Capital opens Mexico City office.
Amazon air cargo facilities done in the CTL market.
Aircraft deal adds Class B certfs.
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10/12 Week News:

Seafood company takes 4 maturities and currencies.

Auto sales company price talk emerges.
UK water utility price talk surfaces.
Whisky maker does larger deal, with delayed funding.
UK gas company prices 1st USPP, w/delayed funding.
Water project price talk tightens.
REIT done inside last year’s spreads.
Volume for month has Domestic at 66% of tally.
French company does first EPP.

10/05 Week News:

UK water utility doing strategic refinancing.
Renewables deal in the market.
Auto sales company deal launched.
Irish company launched.
Tribal deal done with two fundings.
Whisky maker price talk.
Dutch utility has investors excited.
Aussie airport over $1bln interest at clearing spreads.
Irish company making a quick return.
Whisky maker is back.
Electricity distributor’s 33-year FMB done.
Prudential does another direct deal.

09/28 Week News:

UK gas company with first USPP.
Swiss building materials company upped and priced.
REIT returns for another direct deal.
Aussie REIT launched.
Canadian oil company in market.
Water project price talk.
Utility subs done at really tight spread.
Solar power portfolio refi done via MUFG.
Electric holdco taps the market with upsized deal.
Utility goes direct again with long delayed funding.
Private People Moves:  NY Life fills top spot in London.

09/21 Week News:

Seafood company makes a return trip.
Utility gets done with two funding dates.
MetLife put a record amount to work in H1 2018.
Water project deal launched.
Pipeline acquisition does first private for $700mm.
FirstEnergy subs priced.
First USPP for NG utility goes bigger and tighter.
Utility operating subs priced.
Electricity distributor back for another long FMB deal.
Update on Volume & LT's:  2018 H1 beats 2017 H1.
Tag Ends.
Another utility sends subsidiaries into the market.
Mexican peaker plant done in private market.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.

09/14 Week News:

Aussie airport goes with agents this time around.
Investment company deal has four agents.
NG utility price talk surfaces.
UK company price talk emerges.
Another FirstEnergy sub jumps into the market.
Private People Moves:  Promotion opens up buyside spot in Chicago.
Aussie gets over $1bln of bids.
US transmission deal price talk.
Water project name heard coming back.
Utility sends four operating subs into the market.
For third time this year, C-B Volume beats Domestic Volume. 
French EPP uses bond and loan formats.
Pipeline acquisition looking for $700mm.
Privates Past: Sept 2008 - some deals were PPD, some were not.

09/07 Week News:

US transmission company looking for funds.
Mexican electric project taps the market.
Peruvian with hybrid structure leverages US private.
UK company launches maiden PP.
First time deal for a NG utility.
Aussie REIT does A$ deal.
Swiss building materials company with first USPP.
REIT done with delayed funding.
Swiss commodities trader does third US private.

08/24 Week News:

Aussie project takes $1.4bln.
Aussie GenTailer takes USD & AUD.
Aussie back again.
Amazon distribution center CTL done.

08/17 Week News:

NZ utility does more floaters.
US water company does short deal.
REIT price talk.
New sports team deal done.
Private People Moves:  Macquarie looking to fill a spot.
Private People Moves:  Aussie from NAB to Scotia.

08/10 Week News:

Aussie project looking for $1bln.
Amazon back with another distribution center.
Aussie GenTailer looking for USD & AUD.
UK property group upped, goes inside price talk.
Update on 2018 H1 Volume:  Flat to last year.
REIT back for 2nd USPP.
UK rolling stock company done with two delayed fundings.
Sports league upped, done tight.
UK water company takes larger deal.
Volume in July drops. 
French leasing company does EPP.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.

08/03 Week News:

UK rolling stock company price talk.
UK aerospace company does another small deal.
UK water company price talk.
US Hospital does Stg deal to fund London facility.
NatGas utility upped and priced.
French company goes direct this time.
UK water company back for 2nd USPP.
REIT upped and priced.
Sports league price talk.
UK rolling stock company returns.
UK College placed with single investor.
Spanish testing company does first USPP.

07/27 Week News:

European aircraft lessor takes larger deal.
Government deal done.
Sports league back again.
Solar company does second USPP.
REIT price talk emerges.
UK REIT does first USPP.
BDC taps the market.
UK HA does EPP with MIDIS.

07/20 Week News:

NatGas utility makes a quick return.
Government deal launched.
Singaporean does another USPP.
Aussie port sees big demand.
Latin solar deal done via DNB.
European aircraft lessor returns.
UK property company in market.
REIT back for more. 

07/13 Week News:

UK REIT takes a larger deal.
Aussie port price talk emerges.
BDC does another agented deal.
Large solar deal done.
UK company backs away from the market.
French waste treatment company does EPP.
June’s volume was $11.5bln.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.

07/06 Week News:

New company does small gas trans deal.
New issuer from Belgium.
UK REIT makes a quick return.
Oil refinery sees $1bln of interest.
European retailer done with delayed funding.
Recreational vehicle maker taps the market.


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