Breaking -  University power deal back for more... Swiss Power Company coming... British Port back in the market... Northrop Grumman CTL done... German issuer looking for $1bln... Cruise Ship ports deal done... Dutch food deal coming.

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08/25 Week News:

Life sciences company deal priced. 
FirstEnergy subsidiary taps the market via Scotia/TD.
Canadian Port Terminal upped and priced.
Airport authority does its 1st USPP. 
Ground lease deal in the market.

08/18 Week News:

FirstEnergy subsidiary is back via Scotia/TD.
Sports deal priced.  
Apollo Debt Solutions prices its second USPP.
Electric transmission deal priced via BofA.  
UK closed-end fund goes direct this time around.
Law firm looking at the CTL market.

08/11 Week News:

Life sciences company doing its first USPP.
Blackstone issues MRPS via Scotia.
Data center 144a ABS done partly with 4(2) investors.
Electric utility prices its first USPP.
Sports deal price talk emerges.
Private People Moves:  Attwood retiring.
Utility holdco upped and priced.
Sports deal in the market.
Cruise Port Operator price talk surfaces. 
Dutch dairy cooperative looking at the market. Not seen since 2012.
UK HA does does another USPP.
Columbia Pipeline 144a deal had interest from 4(2) investors. 

08/04 Week News:

USPP in July was $3.4bln. Market looks to rebuild the calendar.
Another data center 144a ABS shown to 4(2) investors.
Private People Moves:  Symetra is hiring.
Yankee Gas does a single tranche deal.  
Electric transmission deal in the market.
Portland General upped and priced. 
Acquisition financing done for pipeline assets.
Private People Moves:  HSBC is hiring.
MODEC does an add-on to its recent transaction. 
UK outsourcer, not seen since 2016, gets its deal done. 
BDC returns for another deal. 

07/28 Week News:

Cruise Port Operator doing its first USPP.
Logistics REIT makes a quick return.
John Wood Group is watching the market.
Electric utility with its first USPP.
Singaporean does another USPP.
Dutch REIT does a quiet deal with one investor.
Utility holdco returns to the market. 
Prudential does a deal with a UK environmental investor.
French company goes direct again.
Water company upped and priced. 

French retailer does another EPP, decides against a USPP.

07/21 Week News:

South Jersey Industries upped and priced.
Gas Utility returns to the market.
Another 144a ABS deal includes 4(2) investors.
Electric utility price talk surfaces.  
Update on Industry Call to Action on NAIC Proposals.
Private People Moves:  RBC picks up a PP pro. 
Private People Moves:  Connor leaves Santander
Homebuilder does first 4(2) PP via Moelis.

07/14 Week News:

Manufacturer deal upped and priced.
NatGas utility goes tight.
South Jersey Industries price talk emerges.
Water company returns to the market. 
Electric utility launches.
Dutch port terminal operator does 2nd USPP.
Privately held UK company does a deal in Yen.
Owl Rock does a second direct deal.
Canadian miner taps the market.
Owl Rock does another direct deal.
Arqiva Broadcast deal done.

07/07 Week News:

Manufacturer is back in the market.
South Jersey Industries launches new deal post acquisition.
4(2) investors took $1bln of the recent AT&T Mobility deal.
USPP in June was $12bln; H1 at $48bln (pre League Tables).
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06/30 Week News:

Data Center deal with 144a and 4(2) tranches.

French rail leasing company upped and priced. 
BDC does its first USPP.
Industry Call to Action on NAIC Proposals.
BDC upped and priced.
NatGas utility price talk emerges.
Aussie Electricity Network takes $1bln out of the market.
SA Power priced.  
NatGas utility back in the market. 
Power plant deal done.
German real estate company taps 4(2) money.
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06/23 Week News:

LNG project upped and priced.
Closed-end fund does a larger deal.
Danish airport taps the market.
Aurizon deal upped and priced. 
IDEX Corp does another direct deal.
Versant Power does another 30-year.  
MODEC priced.
Electric cooperative taps the market.


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