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05/05 Week News:

UK company not seen since 2014. 
Rio Grande updated timing and price talk.  
Deloitte price talk.  
LMRK cell tower deal priced. 
Private Placement Spread Matrixes
USPP in April was just over $9bln; C-B was 24% of the total.
Space Florida coming into the market.  
Aussie Electricity Network back in the market. 
BGO Diversified Property Fund launched. 
AES Clean Energy makes a quick return. 
Reyes Holdings takes $1bln out of the market. 
Asset Manager rumored.

04/28 Week News:

AGL Energy does a larger deal in US$ and A$.
Ferrero price talk surfaces. 
LMRK price talk emerges. 
South Jersey Industries subsidiary deals priced.
Deloitte price talk surfaces. 
Semi-conductor project takes $1.25bln out of the market.
Invesco REIT upped and priced.
Private People Moves: Manna joins Houlihan Lokey.

04/21 Week News:

Deloitte coming back.
American Transmission Systems deal priced.
Northern States Power oversubscribed.   
Aussie rail company does its first USPP.
South Jersey Industries subs price talk emerges.
Data center 144a ABS shown to 4(2) investors.
Cell tower deal hits the market.
PNM Resources subs priced. 
BDC does another small private placement. 
Kingspan upped and priced.  
AES subsidiary does another direct deal. 
Private People Moves: PP pro retires. 

04/14 Week News:

Bio-mass deal in the market.
American Transmission Systems in the market. 
Alternative asset manager does a larger deal.
Semi-conductor project deal is launched.
Tag ends:
USPP in March was $7.7bln; C-B was 39% of the total.
Data center ABS being shown to investors.
Utility deal prices. 
AGL Energy launched. 
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
Football Club takes $1bln+ with coupon step-down pricing.
Aircraft 4(2) ABS done. 

04/07 Week News:

Natural Gas transmission deal priced. 
South West Water does a larger deal. 
Vopak priced.
New UK name circled and priced.
Aussie rail company is in the market.
Invesco REIT launched. 
PNM Resources subs are back in the market.
Glass bottler in the market with its first USPP.
WP Carey price talk surfaces.

03/31 Week News:

DBI deal priced.
Investment manager deal priced. 
Natural Gas transmission deal price talk surfaces.
UK building materials company done.
WP Carey is back in the market. 
Irish company returns to the market. 
BDC subsidiary launched.
Utility price talk emerges.
Retired New York Life pro passes.

03/24 Week News:

Natural Gas transmission deal in the market.
UK social houser not seen since 2016.
Tag ends:
Port deal upped and priced.
New issuer in the USPP market.
Fort Washington investment pro retiring.
Utility makes a quick return.
UK airport deal in the market.
Voya closes down the former Allianz New York private placement desk.

03/17 Week News:

Utility 10-year FMB prices in a volatile market.
Investment manager price talk.
Utility upped and priced.
Aussie port terminal price talk emerges.
UK Water Company back in the market.
Port deal timing update.
Aussie port terminal back in the market.
Investment manager returns to the market.
Utility done at the price talk.
New UK name hits the market.
It’s always good to catch up with an old friend.
Indian conglomerate non-deal roadshow.
UK water company taps the EPP market.

03/10 Week News:

NFL deal grows from $500mm to $1.27bln.
UK company, not seen since 2005, launched.
Utility price talk emerges.
Dutch tank storage company returns.
Petrochemical company prices its first USPP.
Utility price talk emerges.
Finnish company does a larger deal.
BDC makes a quick return.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
USPP in Feb was $6.6ln; C-B was 23%.
Port deal price talk.
Closed-end fund does larger MRPS deal.
Utility is back for more FMB.
Utility looking for fixed and floating.
Electric utility holdco takes 5s and 10s.


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