​​Breaking -   Airbus take $1bln out of the market... Chemicals deal upped to $1.4bln...  NG pipeline done as $1bln 2-part.  Another Yen deal done. 

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12/16 Week News:

Cable deal done quickly at tight end of the talk.
Oil & Gas private ABS done.
Hydro assets deal done with US and Canadian investors.
2022 H2 League Table submissions are due now.
UK social housing REIT taps the EPP market. 

12/23 Week News:

Natural gas utility done inside the price talk.
LNG does another deal.
Deal launched with a quick turn around.
Transmission company upped and priced.
NatGas pipeline project deal now January biz.
Airport deal now expected in Q1.
Private People Moves: Nomura expands the desk in NYC.
Utility ups its first USPP, with partial delay.
Private People Moves: BMO adds to NYC desk.
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12/09 Week News:

USPP tally done in November was $6bln. C-B was 45% of volume.
Utility Opco priced. Holdco deal up next.
UK Housing Association does another EPP.
Data Center REIT upped and priced.
Royalty deal done with 4(2) and 144a investors.
UK home builder done with June funding.
Natural gas utility makes a quick return.
Maker of precision instruments does a single tranche deal.
Aussie gaming company upped and priced.
UK university taps the EPP market.

12/02 Week News:

Natural gas utility upped and priced.
New utility name price talk emerges.
Big CTL launched.
Data Center REIT launches its first private.
Alt investment manager doing its first USPP.
Utility price talk emerges.
NatGas pipeline project looking for a large deal.
Utility issuing its first USPP.
UK PE shop does its first USPP.
Penn utility upped and priced.
Privates Past: People Moves from 1994. 

11/25 Week News:

​Utility upped and priced.
Clean energy deal done inside the price talk.
Natural gas utility price talk surfaces.
Transmission company doing a deal secured by equity.
Aussie grid operator takes US$ only.
Penn utility price talk emerges.
Real estate fund does a larger deal.
BDC’s inaugural deal upped.
Aussie gaming company in the market.

11/18 Week News:

UK port does a single maturity, fixed and floating.
Ontario rail deal included 4(2) investors.
New utility launched.
Hospital deal upped to $600mm.
UK home builder in the market.
Maker of precision instruments is back in the market.
WEC Energy subsidiary done.
Natural gas utility deal launched.
Penn utility in the market.
Aussie grid operator price talk.
Caribbean utility does another deal.

11/11 Week News:

Belgian deal upped and priced.
Real estate company price talk emerges.
Clean energy deal in the market.
Aussie grid operator launched.
Utility back for more FMB’s.
Transmission deal done.
Aussie Data Center circles up inside the talk.
WEC Energy subsidiary makes a quick return.
USPP tally done in October was solid. C-B was 55% of volume.
Real estate company doing its first USPP.
BDC’s first USPP upped and priced.

11/04 Week News:

NZ company does another direct deal.
Another FC deal done on media rights.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
Electric utility circled and priced.
Belgian deal price talk emerges.
Aussie Data Center price talk surfaces.
UK port deal launched.
Latam development bank in the market.
UK University issues a 50-year bond.
BDC with its inaugural USPP.
Commercial finance company does larger deal.
Another Oil & Gas ABS done.

​​10/28 Week News:​

Water company adds a 20-year tranche.
Wind Energy deal priced.
Transmission company done with partial delayed funding.
UK water company upped and priced.
French logistics firm with its first USPP.
Private People Moves:  Wellington starts PP desk.
UK gas co upped & priced in two maturities and four fundings.
Electric utility price talk emerges.
Aussie Coal Terminal deal oversubscribed.
Electric utility subs in the market.
Aussie Data Center company with its first USPP.

10/21 Week News:

Belgian is back for its third private.
British Airways EETC done.
Bermuda electric utility is in the market.
Water company back for 30-year bonds.
Natural gas utility sees its first USPP 4-times oversubscribed.
Electric utility back quickly.
German utility upped and priced.
Football Club does another deal.
Net Lease asset manager upped and priced.
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