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02/09 Week News:

Food sector name hits the market.
UK beverage company in market.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
Private People Moves:  Blair group makes a move.
January volume was VG, but off last year’s pace.
French home HC company does another EPP.
Canadian deal in market.
Solar deal done via DNB.
Water company does small direct deal.

02/02 Week News:

Power Co-op does larger deal.
Technical services company pushed to February.
French tourism company does another EPP.
PWC sole-agents Aussie university.
Icelandic gets larger deal.
Brookfield hydro plant done.
UK water company takes Stg and US$ in larger deal.
UK gas distribution company Stg deal upped and priced.

Thrivent looking to fill a spot.

01/26 Week News:

BUUK sterling deal upped.
UK transport gets done.
Aircraft lessor does larger deal in four pieces.
Canadian food company upped.
Utility sees big book for $250mm deal with flexible delay.
Privates Past:  PP conference from 1989.
Technical services company talks tight.
Equipment distributor goes direct again.
From the latest CUSIP Trends Report.
UK gas distribution company in market.
Medical supply company going tight with a small group.
Hear NAB is staffing up.

01/19 Week News:

Sports deal goes tight.
Professional services firm priced.
US Life Companies fund Chilean power project.
UK water company looking for Stg, possibly US$.
Canadian gold miner upped and priced.
Another BUUK sterling deal launched.
Icelandic returns quickly for second USPP.
Canadian food company in the market.
Private People Moves:  Hitchcock’s back in the saddle.
Medical supply company price talk.
Power Co-op price talk emerges.
UK transport price talk surfaces.

01/12 Week News:

Aircraft lessor makes a quick return.
Sports deal in the market.
Utility price talk emerges.
Medical supply company launched.
Professional services firm doing refi.
Pareto Securities is hiring.
Technical services company with first private placement.
Canadian gold miner price talk.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
UK transport launches another USPP.
Utility back for more, within delayed funding of last deal.

01/05 Week News:

December volume was a good end to a great year.
Power Co-op with first USPP.
Last time this issuer got some $1.6bln of bids for its  $250mm PP.
Gas utility holdco coming.
Canadian gold miner back for more.
Professional services firm expected.
Canadian E&D company goes direct again.

12/29 Week News:

Electric utility does small FMB.
Dutch REIT taps one investor.
Italian energy company does EPP.
BDC issues first US private.
Renewable energy deal starts as CTL.
Could we hit $75bln for the year?

12/22 Week News:

PPP road deal first of its kind in Australia.
Privates Past:  Where were they?
REIT does direct deal with larger group.
US investor and US NPA; French asset and French law.

12/15 Week News:

Another Coke distributor taps the market.
Oil company gound lease on HQ.
Pumped storage facility private placement.
Junior spot opens at bulge bracket shop.
From the latest CUSIP Trends Report.
NG distributor does another direct deal.
French toll road refi done as EPP.
French alt energy provider does another EPP.

12/08 Week News:

Fund advisor does three currency deal.
REIT uses agent this time around.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
Record year!
Another Coke distributor hits the market.
European ferry company goes direct.
O&G services company upped and priced.
Irish company makes a quick return.
French real estate company does EPP.

12/01 Week News:

Coke distributor takes $800mm with partial delay.
LNG project priced.
Belgian does third EPP.
Oil pipeline service contract deal done.
Corvias does another university PPP.
French electronics company does EPP.

11/24 Week News:

Wind Farm deal done with four funding dates.
O&G services company launched.
Small utility deal done with delay.
Aussie elec takes much bigger deal with initial PP.
Louisiana utility with partial funding delay.
UK plastics company done.

11/17 Week News:

Natural gas pipeline deal done.
New REIT does second deal this year.
UK trade distributor takes fixed and floating.
LNG project back for more.
More MRPS paper.
From the latest CUSIP Trends Report.
Coke distributor with first USPP.
Asset manager takes larger deal.
Price talk for oil pipeline service contract deal.

11/10 Week News:

Aussie REIT upped and priced.
UK manufacturer takes a larger deal.
Oil company CTL oversubscribed.
Natural gas pipeline deal.
Second USPP for UK closed-end fund.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
USPP volume heading for a record year.
Aussie goes direct this time.
Aussie elec price talk.
Water company takes larger deal.
UK plastics company price talk surfaces.
Gas utility FMB done.

11/03 Week News:

Oil terminal outfit takes nearly $500mm.
Solar portfolio deal priced.
UK manufacturer price talk emerges.
Aussie elec with initial deal.
UK manufacturer with first USPP.
Oil company HQ CTL.
Gas utility back for more FMB.
Auto sector company in CTL market.
French company does second EPP.

10/27 Week News:

Oil pipeline service contract deal in USPP market.
Aussie REIT launched.
Louisiana utility makes a quick return.
Food products company 1st USPP upped.
UK investment trust does a small deal.
French REIT does an EPP.
Solar portfolio in market.
REIT uses an agent this time around.
Electronics manufacturer makes a quick return.
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10/20 Week News:

UK plastics company back for more.
UK publisher takes larger deal.
UK REIT does EPP this time around.
UK ceramics maker done.
Auto parts company takes nearly $1bln.
Food products company with 1st USPP.
Natural gas company priced inside the talk.
Electric Cooperative deal has partial delay.
Transmission company done.

10/13 Week News:

Natural gas company priced inside the talk.
Electric Cooperative deal has partial delay.
Transmission company done.
IT services company takes $415mm, with delays.
REIT goes direct again.
From the latest CUSIP Trends Report.
UK utility company does quiet deal.
Student housing CTL.
Cross-Border at 38% of issuance.
Auto parts company in market.
UK publisher returns.
Swedish auto safety supplier in CTL market.

10/06 Week News:

NZ fuel distributor with first USPP.
Natural gas company launched.
Electric Cooperative price talk emerges.
A.M. Best Webinar:  Using Private Placements to Enhance Portfolios.
UK gas company with first USPP.
Utility does 30yr.
IT services company now next week’s biz.
UK toll deal launched.
USPP volume for September.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.