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04/15 Week News:

Blackstone BDC’s third deal upped and priced. 
Belgian real estate firm takes a larger deal. 
Bank fixed/fltg sub note deal. 
UK company does larger transaction in four currencies. 
Self-storage REIT returns quickly.  
Private Placement Spread Matrixes. 
Pricoa does another two European deals. 
Private Placement Monitor EPP League Tables for 2021.


​04/08 Week News:

Spanish renewable energy company priced. 
Private People Moves:  Scott Sell retires. 
USPP done in March at $12.9bln; C-B 32%. 
Industrial REIT upped and priced. 
Pharma company does a larger deal. 
Logistics REIT back for another deal. 
NZ company’s 2nd USPP upped and priced. 
Private People Moves:  Santander is hiring. 
Iberia EETC priced. 
Private People Moves:  PP pro shifts to Energy Sector shop. 
Texas-New Mexico Power price talk. 
Big Aussie LNG project hits the market. 
Low-cost airline does its second EETC USPP. 
Private People Moves: Symetra is hiring.  

04/01 Week News:

Belgian R.E. firm returns to the USPP market. 
Iberia EETC price talk. 
UK company price talk surfaces. 
European R.E. company with its first USPP. 
Blackstone BDC is back for its third deal. 
Texas-New Mexico Power back in the market. 
Spanish renewable energy co price talk. 
BDC does its first USPP. 
Industrial REIT price talk emerges. 
US REIT upped and priced. 
Pharma company price talk surfaces. 
BDC price talk emerges. 
Electric util done one tranche deal with delay. 
Private People Moves:  Great-West is hiring. 

03/25 Week News:

Spanish renewable energy company with its first USPP. 
BDC not seen since 2010. 
UK company not seen since 2015. 
Private People Moves:  Ritter leaving Rothesay. 
U.S. manufacturer not seen since 2011 priced inside the talk. 
UK company takes a larger deal. 
Pharma company deal launched. 
UK HA does its third USPP. 
Electric utility price talk emerges. 
Industrial REIT makes a quick return. 
EETC from Iberia launched. 

03/18 Week News:

Electric utility launched. 
U.S. manufacturer price talk.  
UK company price talk emerges. 
Private People Moves:  Spot open at Macquarie.BDC pushed to next week. 
Aussie grid operator rumored looking. 
Barings picks up PP pro in London. 
Real estate finance co does its first private. 
LNG terminal deal in the market. 
US REIT back for its second private placement. 
Core real estate fund upped and priced. 
Aussie deal done in three currencies. 
U.S. manufacturer not seen since 2011.  
Real Estate Fund takes a larger deal. 
Core real estate fund gets its first USPP done. 
Investment company rumored looking. 

03/11 Week News:

Real estate firm takes larger Green deal. 
UK company not seen since 2015. 
Aussie price talk update. 
NG pipeline’s first USPP upped to $800mm. 
MDU subsidiary does a larger deal. 
Exelon sub takes $625mm out of the market. 
Belgian co 3x oversubscribed, no increase.  
Another BDC looking to tap the market. 
MetLife originates $15.6bln in 2021. 
State Pension System Real Estate Fund back for its second USPP. 
Private Placement Spread Matrixes. 
Core real estate fund makes a quick return. 
USPP in February at $4.9bln; C-B hits 65%. 2021 now $123bln.  
Private People Moves:  SG is hiring.


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