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No, not that Football, the other one.

UK housing association issuing frenzy continues.

Aussie REIT expected to be launched shortly.

US water company not seen since 1992 does a deal.

Volume for January was respectable, but C-B was only 30% of the total.

AUS/NZ companies starting to crowd the market and pipeline. 

Data Center REIT is prepping a deal.

UK asset manager doing an amendment in advance of a new-issue.

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02/01 Week News:

Agribusiness deal upped and priced.
UK gas company prepping second USPP.
Electric utility FMB done inside price talk.
Toll road in Puerto Rico priced; done as 4(2).
Aircraft lessor returns quickly.

01/25 Week News:

Airplane engine deal upped to $700mm.
UK estate transaction has 2021 delayed funding.
Toll road in Puerto Rico sold as 4(2) this time.
UK REIT does direct deal this time around.
KBRA special report on REITs and PP.
Lendlease asset is a new name for the market.
Electric utility selling FMB.
Privates Past:  Attendees at 2004 PP Conference.

01/18 Week News:

Insurance broker takes $600mm.
UK water Opco upped and priced.
Electric Cooperative done.
Sports league done with delayed funding.
US port deal in the market.
Private People Moves:  MUFG hires PF pro.
NZ electric in the market.
Marine services firm price talk surfaces.
Private People Moves:  Cigna is hiring.

01/11 Week News:

December Volume was a record.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
Agribusiness deal lands on desks.
Electric Cooperative in market.
Insurance broker price talk emerges.
Airplane engine deal in the market.
Private People Moves: Modha shifts back.
Sports league back for more.
Marine services firm returns with refi deal.
Bostonia Group LLC dissolves.

01/04 Week News:

UK water Opco back for more.
Insurance broker back in the market.
UK REIT does another 4(2) private.

12/28 Week News:

Irish REIT opens up sector to USPP market.
Toll road in Peru done with four investors.

12/21 Week News:

Parking deal done.
UK Reit does second deal.
Private People Moves:  Jefferies fills a PP spot.
Pennsylvania utility taps the market.
Wind deal done on two US assets.
UK chemicals company takes Euros and Stg.
Private People Moves:  New head of PP at Natixis.