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04/16 Week News:

Specialty REIT does larger deal with interesting funding option.  
REIT does larger deal with delayed funding. 
Private People Moves:  Fordham decides to resign. 
Pennsylvania utility 5-year done with two fundings. 
Dutch REIT does EPP Green Bond.  
Another bank fixed/fltg sub note deal done. 
Mexican REIT with its first USPP. 
Private People Moves:  Pacific Life hires two. 
PIC appoints Macquarie Asset Management in expansion into the USPP market. 

04/09 Week News:

Italian firm does another direct deal. 
REIT price talk emerges. 
Domino's Pizza whole biz deal gets 4(2) investor interest. 
Utility takes $500mm in three tranches. 
Pennsylvania utility price talk surfaces. 
Private Placement Spread Matrixes. 
Swiss commodities trader does its fifth USPP. 
Specialty REIT price talk emerges. 
Technology deal signed.  
Another REIT is in the market. 
USPP in March broke $7bln. C-B returns. 2021 Q1 ahead of 2020 Q1. 

04/02 Week News:

Specialty REIT back for its third private. 
Utility does another deal. 
Bank fixed/fltg sub note deal done. 
Pennsylvania utility is in the market. 
Private People Moves: Modha leaves Barclays. 
Another bank fixed/fltg sub note deal done. 
UK fund does a direct deal. 
MetLife comes up with the winning deal for the English Football League.  

03/26 Week News:

Utility not seen since 2013 is in the market. 
Foreign airline’s first USPP upped and priced. 
Carrier hotel company does its third USPP. 
Singaporean opts for EMTN deal. 
French rolling stock deal done as Green Bonds. 
Prison deal launched. 
Foreign airline with first USPP. 

03/19 Week News:

Industrial REIT upped with Green Bond. 
European REIT does Green Bond with delays.  
Tag ends: 
UK Reit does a larger deal in 8 tranches, with delays and Green Bonds. 
Real Estate investment manager upped and priced. 
Another bank fixed/fltg sub note deal done. 
UK University upped with a 50-year added. 
CED solar deal priced. 
Fleet leasing company does another agented deal. 

03/12 Week News:

Trading firm makes a quick return. 
E&P 144a deal entices US Life co PP accounts.  
RE investment manager price talk surfaces. 
UK University price talk update. 
Industrial REIT price talk emerges. 
MetLife originates $15.7bln in 2020. 
Exelon subsidiaries priced. 
REIT upped and priced. 
CED solar deal in the market.  
Whole biz securitization 12-times oversubscribed. 
Private Placement Spread Matrixes. 
Industrial trust is back in the market. 
Private People Moves: Hanson departs MS. 
USPP in February broke $6bln. C-B collapses. 2020 now stands at $102bln. 

03/05 Week News:

REIT doing another agented deal. 
UK University back for its third USPP. 
State Pension System Real Estate Fund makes debut in USPP market.  
Zero coupon deal on logistics properties.
Core open-end real estate fund upped and priced. 
Accounting firm prices inside the talk. 
Homebuilder does another deal.  
Logitics REIT upped, priced inside the talk. 
Real estate services co does its first private. 
Finance company does another deal.  
UK Reit is back for its third deal. 
UK Trust is doing another deal. 
RE investment manager is back in the market. 

02/26 Week News:

Exelon subsidiaries make a quick return. 
LNG deal done with Allianz. 
Real estate developer/investor does a larger deal. 
Logitics REIT price talk surfaces, Green Bond added? 
Private equity firm does its first private placement. 
Accounting firm price talk emerges. 
REIT rumored to be looking. 

02/19 Week News:

Freeport LNG #3 takes $1.5bln out of the market. 
RE investment manager looking to return. 
BDC taps the market with partial delay.  
Core open-end real estate fund makes a quick return. 
Sports deal gets $4bln of interest.  
Logitics REIT back again. 
BDC does another deal.  
Voya’s 2020 PP debt activity was $4.6bln.  


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