Breaking -  Utility deal could be upped to $1bln... German does a quiet deal... Aussie does 1st USPP directly... Finnish power co not seen since 2010... Deals are now planned for January launch... More utility paper... US Cat Dealer ***Upped and priced... Another German coming ***Launched...  Nordic issuer in the market... More ABS paper launched... Aussie does its 1st USPP directly... German takes $1.2bln deal... Aussie Cat Dealer done... Aussie Airline is back***Done... Dutch Dairy done... More Football Clubs... REITS active again.

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10/27 Week News:

German issuer’s 1st USPP takes $1.2bln out of the market. 
Veolia Water makes a quick return. 
Aussie airline deal in the market.  
Dutch dairy cooperative takes a larger deal, in two currencies.  
WEC Energy NG subs tap the market. 
Accounting firm back for another deal.  
Aussie toll upped and priced.  
Deloitte UK upsized, done at tight end of talk.   
Gas company in the market.  
Football Club does another private. 
Aussie prices deal with three currencies.   
UK gas company Midco is back in the market.  
Industrial trust does a quick return.  
Cat dealer Holt with its first USPP.  
Eversource Energy subs in the market. 
Carrier hotel company takes a larger deal. 
CTL on office building in the market. 

10/20 Week News:

Rare PP from Northern Ireland. 
UK gas company back for another deal. 
Privates Past:  Where were they?  
BUUK deal launched.   
Cat dealer WesTrac is in the market.  
Costco does a larger deal in JPY.  
Private Credit deal upped and priced.  
Commercial finance co makes a quick return.  
Private People Moves:  Tillinghast retires; new heads at SLC. 
UK conglomerate price talk surfaces.  
Aussie toll road price talk.  
Solar deal done via Cantor. 
Dutch real estate company with its first USPP. 
Utility deal price talk emerges.   
Whole business securitization in the market. 
Toll road deal priced.   
Dutch dairy cooperative price talk emerges.  
PPIA ESG questionnaire update. 

10/13 Week News:

UK port manager upped and priced.
Utility with a deal to fund an acquisition.
Chicago toll road deal done. Not seen since 2016.
German issuer in the USPP market for the first time.
Deloitte UK in the market. Not seen since 2013.
Aussie looking for three currencies. 
Utility looking for fixed and floating.
Private People Moves:  Reznik changes shops.
USPP in September was $4.9bln. C-B was 31% of the total.
Canadian trucking company does another direct deal.
NZ utility not seen since 2018.

10/06 Week News:

Natural gas utility goes tight.
Aussie toll road is back in the market.
ITC subsidiary done inside the price talk.
UK conglomerate returns to the USPP market.
Dutch dairy cooperative launched. Not seen since 2012.
Toll road deal launched.
College PPP prices its fourth transaction.
Private People Moves:  Buyside pro retires.
Private Credit deal price talk emerges.
Rental company does another direct transaction.
French company taps the EPP market again.

09/29 Week News:

Security company prices its third USPP.
Private Credit provider doing its first USPP.
SIGECO upped and priced.
Low-income housing deal is in the market.
UK port manager price talk surfaces.
ITC subsidiary price talk surfaces.
European company upped and priced.
Natural gas utility makes a quick return.
Swiss energy company launches its first USPP.
ITC subsidiary is back.
Aussie airline looking at the market.
SIGECO price talk emerges.
Unison Networks priced.
European rail lessor does a deal at the Holdco level.
Residential solar deal uses 144a and 4(2) tranches.

09/22 Week News:

First USPP for a new aviation asset company.
UK port manager makes a quick return.
UK HA back for its second private placement.
Prime Property Fund upped; does three tranches.
SB Energy doing its first USPP.
Northrop Grumman CTL done.
SIGECO back for more.
Mosaic does a single-tranche deal.
Insurance company does another direct deal.
BDC does its third USPP directly.
2023 H1 League Tables are final. Volume was $50.6bln agented; and $52.9bln total, including direct deals.
Carrier hotel company is doing its fourth USPP.
Utility deal done.
Metronet price talk emerges. 

09/15 Week News:

College PPP is doing its fourth deal
National Storage Affiliates Trust priced. 
Prime Property Fund price talk update.
Natural Gas utility priced.
European company price talk emerges.
Cruise Port Operator does its first USPP.
Security company returns for its third USPP.
Prime Property price talk surfaces.
Canadian forest management company with its first USPP.
Utility price talk emerges.
European company in the market with its first USPP.
USPP in August was $5.3bln. C-B was 22% of the total.


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