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04/03 Week News:

Natural gas util done well inside the price talk.
Electric utility returns quickly.
US airline EETC only does “B” tranche.
Transmission company back for more.
Water Co makes another quick return.
BDC does first private placement.
Adani subsidiary tops off the tank with a tap.
Utility doing its first private placement.
Big financial services co looking to borrow.

03/27 Week News:

UK co does larger deal in Euro’s and Yen.
US airline EETC in the market.
Trading firm’s refi timed very well.
Aircraft lessor does smaller EETC deal.
UK chemicals company update:  Postponed.
Natural Gas utility priced.
BDC does first US private.
REIT does another direct deal.

03/20 Week News:

Natural gas utility launched.
UK chemicals company looking for dollars.
FirstEnergy sub issues 2-tranche transaction.
Swiss maker of hearing aids does larger deal.
UK distribution network deal PPD.
UK company update:  Hopes to grow deal.
Entergy subsidiary taps the market.
Refi for German rail car lessor launched.
Real estate fund pulls back.
REIT takes a slightly larger deal.
Utility gets FMB transaction done.
Retailer going direct again.

03/13 Week News:

Aussie REIT taps mkt via North American arm.
Privately held UK co back in the market.
FirstEnergy subsidiary in mkt for first time.
Swiss maker of hearing aids in the market.
Private People Moves:  Meyers leaves GS.
Project Holdco bonds on wind/solar assets.
Natural Gas utility in the market.
UK water co does larger deal on coupon basis.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
Irish drinks co larger deal on coupon basis.
USPP vol for Jan $5.2bln; C-B tops Domestic.
REIT returns for another deal.
Heathrow deal on hold.
The largest ODCE core fund back for more.

03/06 Week News:

UK distribution network operator launched.
Canadian gold miner deal done.
Transmission utility prices first private.
NZ utility does larger deal.
Utility looking for FMB.
Forest products company goes back for more.
Canadian O&G company in the market.
German rail lessor looking to refi its debt.
Another Latin solar deal done via DNB.

02/28 Week News:

Transmission utility with first PP.
Aircraft lessor launches EETC deal.
AltaGas sub does larger initial USPP.
Icelandic does the first 4(2) SDG bond.
Another UK fund does first USPP.
2019 prelim volume surprises to the upside.
Irish drinks company, seen in 2011, now back.
Heathrow name rumored in the market.
UK water company in market.
Blockchain deal done.


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Market Talk

Amazon back with 2nd CV-19-market deal.

Australian issuers to return in two weeks.

2020 Q1 is half of 2019 Q1 volume.

More utility paper launched.

KPMG going to existing.  **Upped

US Airline EETC with big coupons.  **Done

UK specialty chem co wants dollars. **PPD

UK distribution network operator postponed. Dubai aircraft deal.  **Done with 9 investors