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BreakingHomebuilder launched… 4(2) investors part of an Ontario project… More utilities launched into full calendar… Another Aussie in the market… Big deal for wind and solar… Transmission name backed by subsidiary equities… Airport is quietly looking...  Big deals coming from Pension Funds… More 4(2)/144a hybrids coming… Kaffee... REITs sneaking in for quiet deals… Data Center done… UK PE shop upped. 

​10/21 Week News:

Belgian is back for its third private.
British Airways EETC done.
Bermuda electric utility is in the market.
Water company back for 30-year bonds.
Natural gas utility sees its first USPP 4-times oversubscribed.
Electric utility back quickly.
German utility upped and priced.
Football Club does another deal.
Net Lease asset manager upped and priced.
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10/14 Week News:

British Airways EETC details.
Scottish NatGas deals done.
Wind Energy deal launched.
UK gas company is back in the market.
Transmission company makes a quick return.
Infra deal from Australia upped and priced.
Another BDC looks to the private market.
German utility price talk surfaces.
Holdco/Opco utility issues priced.
Commercial finance co makes a quick return.
European Airline watching the market.
USPP done in September drops.

Stadium deal hit by market volatility.
Natural gas utility with its first private.

10/07 Week News:

Irish company upped and priced in two currencies.
Spire Opco’s tap the market.
Holdco/Opco utility issues price talk emerges.
UK water company back in the market.
Specialty lender does its second private.
Italian gas company taps Prudential Shelf.
Privates Past:  Revive First Boston.
Infra deal price talk emerges.
Blackstone BDC’s does its fourth deal.
Air Cargo CTL circles up.
German utility out with its first USPP.
Net Lease asset manager back for its second private placement.

09/30 Week News:

Infra deal from Australia.
Holdco/Opco utility issues in the market again.
Air Cargo CTL in the market.
Whisky maker oversubscribed, upped, and priced.
Supermarket CTL in the market.
Irish company price talk emerges.
RE investment manager upped and priced.
Logistics REIT looking for Euro’s.
Aussie Coal Terminal deal in the market.

09/23 Week News:

Core open-end real estate fund upped, priced.
Con Edison subsidiary returns.
Private People Moves:  Woutas joins G-W.
Whisky maker price talk surfaces.
Scottish NatGas issuers’ price talk emerges.
Private People Moves:  Fordham ends his break from privates.

​09/16 Week News:

Scottish issuer back in the market.
Aussie toll road price talk emerges.
Natural Gas utility priced inside the price talk.
RE investment manager makes a quick return.
Irish company in the market.
Whisky maker is back.
Utility does 10s and 30s.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.

09/09 Week News:

​Core open-end real estate fund back in the market.
Aussie toll road launched.
Car maker CTL done.
USPP done in August was $7.8bln; C-B at 48% of the total. 
Natural Gas utility launched.

09/02 Week News:​

Private European retailer takes some $1.4bln out of the market.
Utility back for more.
NZ company sets up a Pru Shelf.
New REIT name does larger deal in Euro’s.
Electric utility holdco deal done.
BDC does small deal for its second private placement.

08/26 Week News:

​BDC gets a larger deal done.
Natural Gas utility looking to return.
Aussie does direct deal with Prudential.
UK water company upped and priced.
Gas utility priced.
Big Yellow Group plc sets up a Pudential shelf.
Electric utility price talk.
MetLife originates $9.2bln in H1 2022.
Asset manager taps the mkt for a second time.

08/19 Week News:

Real Estate Asset Manager upped and priced. 
Electric utility back for more. 
UK water company price talk update. 
Aussie rail deal done. 
Security company priced as shorter tranches. 
Cold storage company gets three-part deal in Euro’s done. 
CTL on an IRS building circles up. 
BDC price talk emerges.


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