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06/15 Week News:

Sports league back for more.
Another Aussie REIT launched.
Distribution centers CTL split up.
Oil refinery launched.
Aussie gas name in market.
Mexican does its second 4(2).
Amazon, back again.
Utility deals done.
Private People Moves: Pulkkinen to buy-side.
Gas company FMB goes as expected.
German REIT does another EPP.
From the latest CUSIP Trends Report.

06/08 Week News:

Vanderbilt Univ term loan sees $2.2bln of interest.
Irish building products deal upped.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
Aussie port with first US private.
Utility deal price talk.
May’s volume was $5.4bln.
Utility launches two deals.
UK trust does three-part deal.
Hotel ground lease CTL done.

06/01 Week News:

Sports deal in market.
Distribution centers CTL.
REIT back for second deal.
Familiar REIT doubles transaction.
Domestic manufacturer returns, via an agent.
Luxembourg industrial holdco does first EPP.
Airplane engine deal done via BAML/Citi/SMBC/SG.
Exelon subs done with partial delay.

05/25 Week News:

MS ground lease CTL.
UK R.E. company goes inside price talk on first USPP.
Aussie REIT launched.
Solar portfolio deal launched.
Aussie REIT does larger deal.
Private People Moves:  MetLife changes.
Irish building products deal in market.
Utility done in three pieces.
Privates Past:  Updates from 2003.
Vanderbilt University term loan.
Utility does 1-year floater.
US control systems maker does a larger deal.

05/18 Week News:

UK trust looking to do another deal.
Airplane engine deal price talk.
Private People Moves:  Lindgren to Scotia.
Rare Spanish deal done quietly.
NC utility returns quickly.
Japanese issuer steps back.
Airplane engine deal launched.
CA county in CTL market.
PP pro forming PP fund.
Familiar REIT returns for partial delayed funding deal.
Another EETC deal done.
Hotel ground lease CTL in market.
Dutch port terminal operator does first USPP.
US control systems maker in market.
Italian entertainment company does EPP.

05/11 Week News:

REIT coming back for second deal.
Utility in market.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
EETC done.
Aussie REIT back again.
April sees decent domestic volume. C-B big drop.
Mexican wind project done.
Rare Japanese deal in the market.
Private People Moves:  Lindgren leaves BNPP.
UK R.E. company with first USPP.
Canadian R.E. company does larger deal in Euros.
Private People Moves:  Opening at Unum.

05/04 Week News:

Amazon CTL done with 11 investors.
Tideway does deal with M&G, away.
EETC price talk emerges.
UK housing association with first USPP.
NG Pipeline with Mexico could yield a deal.
Electric utility looking.
Commodity trading firm upped and priced.
Canadian R.E. company in market for Euros.
REIT likes 6-mo delay.

04/27 Week News:

Rolling stock lessor does 1st USPP.
Hotel ground lease done.
EETC price talk.
First USPP for a maritime.
REIT goes direct to refi a direct.
French leisure company taps the EPP market.
Rare prison deal done.
Private People Moves: Legal & General has open spot.
From the latest CUSIP Trends Report.

04/20 Week News:

Another EETC in the market.
Amazon back for more.
Transmission company done.
Aussie REIT sees very good demand.
Private People Moves: Dainton to retire.
MetLife put record $11.2bln to work last year.
Storage REIT does larger deal.

04/13 Week News:

Insurance broker upped and priced.
Commodity trading firm in market.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
Food wholesaler O/S, takes $600mm out of market.
Storage REIT back for another deal.
March sees solid volume. Q1 off last year’s pace.

04/06 Week News:

Oil & Gas deal done.
Insurance broker price talk surfaces.
Aussie REIT price talk emerges.
Food wholesaler in market.
LHR done.
2017 USPP market blows through 2016’s record.
WDP does first REIT “Green” US private placement.
Private People Moves: Kamper makes a change.

03/30 Week News:

Twenty-one investors lend to Aussie building products company.
Electronics maker does deal.
Insurance broker back again.

03/23 Week News:

Aussie gaming company takes $1.4bln out of the market.
Container company taps investors.
Aussie building products company price talk.
Aussie REIT launched.
Bottler taps shelf for another direct deal.
From the latest CUSIP Trends Report.
Industrial REIT takes larger deal.
Aussie gaming company price talk.
CVS CTL in market.

03/16 Week News:

Aussie port deal sees $2bln of demand. Drops 10yr, adds 30yr.
Amazon large lease deal goes inside the price talk.
Health care CTL done.
Electric transmission company done.
Electric cooperative prices first USPP.
Nuke fuel deal priced.
Aussie building products company in market.
UK rolling stock company name in the market again.
Canadian casino CTL done.
2017 Volume update:  Prelim USPP tally over $91bln; Prelim EPP tally surprises with some Euro 9bln.
LHR returns.
Utility paper goes tight.

03/09 Week News:

Electric transmission company price talk surfaces.
Electric cooperative price talk.
Nuke fuel deal price talk emerges.
Aussie port price talk; tranche dropped.
February volume half that of January.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
UK REIT tender deal, with new-issue.
Aussie gaming company returns.
MUFG is hiring.

03/02 Week News:

Nuke fuel deal in the market.
More utility paper.
Furniture maker done inside price talk, with delay.
Food sector name upped and tighter.
Electric transmission name in market.
New name electric cooperative.
Aussie port back again.
Canadian EETC done.
Industrial REIT launched.

02/23 Week News:

Furniture maker returns after twelve years.
RE investment manager price talk emerges.
From the latest CUSIP Trends Report.
UK beverage company does larger deal.
Aviation lessor does first capital markets financing.
French RE company does first EPP.
Sports deal easily done.
RE investment mgr makes quick return for 2nd PP. 
Food sector name price talk.

02/16 Week News:

Health care CTL in the
UK beverage company price talk emerges.
EC publishes study on privates for EU market.
Rare Peruvian private done.
2017 Volume update.
New President of Morningstar Credit Ratings.
Technical services company does larger deal.
Canadian EETC in market.
Athene is looking to fill a spot.

02/09 Week News:

Food sector name hits the market.
UK beverage company in market.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
Private People Moves:  Blair group makes a move.
January volume was VG, but off last year’s pace.
French home HC company does another EPP.
Canadian deal in market.
Solar deal done via DNB.
Water company does small direct deal.

02/02 Week News:

Power Co-op does larger deal.
Technical services company pushed to February.
French tourism company does another EPP.
PWC sole-agents Aussie university.
Icelandic gets larger deal.
Brookfield hydro plant done.
UK water company takes Stg and US$ in larger deal.
UK gas distribution company Stg deal upped and priced.

Thrivent looking to fill a spot.


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