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04/12 Week News:

2018 USPP League Table results.
Aussie commercial services company takes three currencies.
Merchant hydro deal price talk emerges.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
Aussie port goes out for $200mm, and takes $600mm.
Prudential writes another check.
European holding company does another EPP.
Data Storage REIT takes larger deal.
March Volume was up. Q1 looks very good. 
UK security services company launched.
Another UK HA does its first deal.
JCRA expands Real Estate advisory team.

04/05 Week News:

Aussie property trust does 11th USPP.
PF deal with Seminole off-take.
Private People Moves:  Unum fills out the team.
Aussie power distributor upped and priced.
RE investment manager back for more.
Privates Past:  NYT PP article from July 1987.
Aussie REIT returns.
Water company goes direct again.
French housing company does its third EPP.
Dutch waste management company does another private.
Canadian power producer launched.
French company goes direct.

03/29 Week News:

Logitics REIT using agent this time around.
Private People Moves:  Wells Fargo, TIAA make changes.
The era ends for Mars.
Aussie toll road operator takes larger deal in two currencies.
Aussie property trust price talk surfaces.
Aussie commercial services company in market.
2018 USPP volume update. 
Transmission deal upped and priced.
Aussie port after $1.3bln deal is back for more.
Merchant hydro deal ready to go.
Utility subsidiary had strong order book.
Aussie power distributor price talk emerges.
A 4(2) private follows a 144a deal without reg rights.

03/22 Week News:

REIT upped and priced.
Canadian goes with an agent this time around.
MetLife put a record $14.7bln to work in 2018 vs $11.2bln in 2017.
REIT goes with agents this time around.
Data Storage REIT back for more.
Italian company sets up Pru shelf for its first USPP.
Aussie power distributor looking for $300mm.
Transmission deal for 10s and 30s.
Aussie is back in the market.


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2018 USPP League Tables show BAML Number 1 for All and Domestic deals;

    NWM Number 1 for Cross-Border deals.

2018 Volume:  $100.7bln total;  $91.2bln Agented Deals.

March Volume was up. Q1 looks very good.  

Aussie issuers are on a tear.

REITs, Aussies, and Utilities. 

February Volume was mostly Cross-Border, at some 82%.
2018 Volume update:   Now at $95bln, with more deals to evaluate for credit.
Christie Manson & Woods not seen since 2011.
Prelim 2018 EPP tally: Some Euro 7bln submitted. Challenges remain.