Another port deal coming.

UK public transport operator in market.

USPP volume for August was $5.8bln, down from July’s $6.5bln.

Costco does another Yen funding.

UK sports club scores with ease.

It's quiet now but September is gonna be very busy.

Japanese automaker in the market with its first private placement.
Prelim 2019 H1 volume currently stands at nearly $47bln, vs $48.5bln Y-O-Y.

Some deals are seeing real push back from investors.

USPP volume for July was $6.5bln, with 63% from Cross-Border issuers.

UK investment trust does EPP.

Utilities and REITs, nothing wrong with that.

USPP volume for June tops $6.5bln, w/73% from Domestic issuers.


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09/13 Week News:

Airline returns for another EETC.
UK pub company does another private placement.
REIT goes direct again.
Pipeline investor with first USPP.
Health system prices first private placement.
CTL portfolio in market.
UK transport with first USPP.
Water company price talk emerges.
Real Estate Co does deal with a single investor.
Gas company back for more.
Utility does deal with a single investor.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
Costco back for JPY.
TTT does a 20-year with a US investor.
USPP volume for August was $5.8bln.

09/06 Week News:

Big deal launched for a water company.
REIT makes a quick return.

08/30 Week News:

CTL done for merged bank’s new HQ.
Danish ferry operator does another global private.
UK football club refi done.
Utility upped and done with three fundings.
Prudential writes another check.

08/23 Week News:

Asian car maker with first USPP.
Health system comes for first private placement.
UK HA taps PIC again.
REIT goes with single tranche.
Private People Moves:  Haddad joinging MUFG.

08/16 Week News:

Spire Opcos priced.
REIT goes direct again.
CUSIP Trends Report for July.
BUUK deal upped, done inside the price talk.
NatGas utility makes a quick return.
RE firm’s first USPP upped and priced.
Utility looking for $100mm.
Homebuilder does direct deal.

08/09 Week News:

Electric cooperative does deal.
The largest ODCE core fund does its first private.
UK fund does first USPP.
Aussie upped and priced.
UK REIT returns to the USPP market.
Spire Opcos in the market.
Canadian lime producer returns.
NatGas utility makes a quick return.
UK infra construction maker does first US private.
Storage REIT gets $1bln of interest.
UK food ingredients maker does another private.
Assured Guaranty helps EPP deal.
Natural gas company prices $400mm of FMB.
USPP volume for July was $6.5bln.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.

08/02 Week News:

Citi brings Italian trophy deal.
The largest ODCE core fund’s price talk.
UK HA does its first USPP.
Aussie airport does larger deal.
BDC does first private placement.
RE firm price talk emerges.
Italian pharma does its first US private.
UK power producer taps EPP market for refi.
Private People Moves:  Manna heads USPP at RBC.
Aussie RE investor gets first USPP done.
Rare Colombian deal.
UK investment trust issues EPP.

07/26 Week News:

Freeport LNG upped and priced.
Largest RE firm in the market.
Aussie airport price talk emerges.
Aussie takes $500mm with delayed funding.
The largest ODCE core fund’s first USPP.
Natural gas company looking for $400mm of FMB.
Another French pharma taps the US market.
Another Peruvian deal done.
UK housing association taps EPP market.
Storage REIT wants another 10-year deal.
Cantor/CA handle refi of peaker plants.
Peru rail deal goes with public style this time.

07/19 Week News:

UK port’s third private upped, with partial delay.
UK issuer done with partial delayed funding.
Electric utility back for more.
REIT upped and priced.
Aussie comes back more than 10-years after.
Belgian issuer does second private placement.
Aussie back for second USPP.
Freeport LNG price talk update.
UK water company does direct bilat.

07/12 Week News:

Aussie airport launched.
CUSIP Trends Report for June.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
Canadian pipeline takes C$1bln out of the market.
June’s Volume was strong, w/73% Domestic.
Privates Past:  Answers for Where were they?
Specialty REIT upped and priced.
Another REIT launched.
Utility makes a quick return.
2019 H1 League Table submissions due now.
Assured Gty enters into agreement with DTW.
Oxford and L&G set up funding relationship.
Private People Moves:  Haddad leaves Lloyds.

07/05 Week News:

Aussie real estate investor with first USPP.
Aussie govt-owned outfit taps the market.
Real estate fund does first private.
UK port’s third private launched.
UK distributor upped and priced, with delayed fundings.
German auto supplier priced.
UK issuer wants to borrow up to 50-years.
Gas company FMB deal done.
Asset manager back for a second USPP.

06/28 Week News:

Utility deal done at longer end.
French pharma company gets its first USPP done.
Did Amazon do another CTL?
Self-storage REIT upped and priced.
Holdco/Opco issuers done.
Privates Past:  Where were they?
Canadian port terminal deal in the market.
Freeport LNG launched.
London local govt body tapped the US private market.
Cross-Border auto supplier to price this week.
Gas company back for more FMB.
NFL Trust in market via BAML/JPM.


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