Breaking -  German Retailer upped and priced... More moves to the PE side of the business... Aussie LNG deal upped and priced...  Panama Canal project deal done... Spanish renewable priced... EETC in the market... Another EV Battery CTL coming...  Halma priced...  

South West Water priced... BofA's Monahan retires... Britvic priced...  Very large CTL done with the 4(2)'s only...  NFL back in the market ***Upped...  Umicore NV returns. 

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04/26 Week News:

Specialty REIT back for its fourth private.
Caribbean Utility back in the market.
South Jersey Industries subs are back in the market.
Aussie LNG deal upped and priced.
Toll Road’s 1st USPP priced.
Private People Moves:  NYL pro to retire.
European retailer takes some $1.8bln out of the market.
MetLife combines public and private efforts.
Privates Past:  Wind Farm deal from 2006.
Private People Moves:  Goldman privates pro moves on.
Aussie utility price talk surfaces.
Private People Moves: Potenta leaves MetLife.
Dutch bulk terminal operator price talk surfaces.
Aussie basic materials company price talk emerges.

04/19 Week News:

Investment Management company back in the market.
Transmission company deal priced.
REIT does another direct transaction.
AES Clean Energy 3-times oversubscribed.
Electricity Transmission deal done in three currencies.
Public Storage does another direct transaction.
Sports Complex expansion is in the CTL market.
Transmission company deal done inside the talk.
European retailer price talk emerges.
Closed-end fund in the market with a MRPS deal.
Private People Moves:  Natixis hires Abdelmaguid from SG.
Private Placement Monitor EPP League Tables for 2023.

04/12 Week News:

Real Estate Fund upped and priced.
Dutch bulk terminal operator with its first USPP.
Aussie utility back in the market.
Aussie basic materials company back in the market.
Transmission company returns.
Electricity Transmission operator price talk emerges.
Power Co-op upped and priced.
More project and infrastructure deals are in the works.
Aussie LNG deal price talk surfaces.
Toll Road in the market with its 1st USPP.
Insurance company HQ CTL coming.
USPP in March nearly $12bln. Cross-Border 31% of the total.
AES Clean Energy back for its third deal.
Spanish renewable energy company price talk emerges. 

04/05 Week News:

UK Health & Safety company deal upped and priced.
UK water company priced and 4.5x oversubscribed.
Transmission company back in the market.
Panama Canal Bridge deal placed with 4(2)’s.
LIHTC 144a deal being shown to 4(2) investors.
Private People Moves:  Cook joins another shop.
European retailer back in the market.
Rolling stock deal rumored.
Electricity Transmission operator back in the market.
Spanish renewable energy company is in the market.
LIHTC deal being shown to 4(2) investors.
Logistics company upped and priced.
Aussie LNG deal launched.
Privates Past:  Where were they? 

03/29 Week News:

Real Estate Fund price talk emerges.
SEC HQ CTL price talk is heard.
UK Health & Safety company price talk surfaces.
CHS upped and priced.
Glass maker’s first private done.
German chemical company upped and priced.
Belgian issuer done in US$ and Euro’s.
Electric and Gas Utility priced.
PBGC CTL done via JLL.
Power Co-op price talk emerges.
SEC HQ is in the CTL market.
Privates Past:  Where were they? 

03/22 Week News:

Scottish Gas deals upped and priced.
Texas-New Mexico Power priced.
Hawaiian gas company deal done.
UK Health & Safety company back in the market.
UK water company relaunched as an NAIC-1.
Insurance company does first USPP.
Transmission Opco & Holdco deals done.
Private People Moves:  Mutual of Omaha hires three from Apollo.
Grocer upped and priced.
Real Estate Fund launched.
Electric and Gas Utility makes a quick return.
Allete price talk emerges.
CHS is back in the market with an agented transaction.
NFL upped and priced.


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