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06/30 Week News:

NZ company upped and priced.
UK sub of US manufacturer takes larger deal.
French real estate company does another EPP.
French company does USPP with 1-year delay.
UK REIT with first USPP.
French holding company does EPP.
Aussie logistics company launches 1st USPP.
Utility done with partial delayed funding.
French real estate developer does another EPP.

06/23 Week News:

Aussie toll road sees big demand.
German issuer not seen since 2007.
Norwegian returns after doing deal last year.
Canadian energy company returns.
Maine CTL in market.
Private People Moves:  Spot open.
UK sub of US manufacturer launched.
Singaporean does another USPP.
Retailer goes direct again.

06/16 Week News:

Building materials company price talk emerges.
Electric utility price talk surfaces.
CVS CTL in market.
Largest non-recoure project deal done.
NC utility returns quickly.
Aussie toll road price talk.
European aircraft lessor returns.
Hydroelectric deal done.
REIT makes another quick, quiet return.
French company returns. Last seen in 2008.
Utility holdco gets partial delay and tight pricing.
From the latest CUSIP Trends Report.
Utility in market via Barclays.
Utility in market via BAML.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.

06/09 Week News:

UK landowner takes larger deal.
Irish company does fixed and floating.
JLL’s first USPP increased.
Transport terminal operator does first USPP.
May was the second biggest month on record.
Private People Moves:  Guardian fills a spot.
Aussie toll road launched.
Building materials company makes a quick return.
Aussie toll road deal done with delayed funding.

06/02 Week News:

Electric infrastructure company takes $450mm.
UK house builder upped and priced.
WEC Energy subsidiaries do first USPP.
New plane leasing name upsized.
Storage REIT upped and priced.
Swissy US HQ CTL.
Healthcare CTL in market.
Clothing company CTL on HQ.

05/26 Week News:

UK REIT upped and priced.
Big deal for AES launched.
Hydroelectric deal in market.
OSU PPP done.
Pipeline company comes back.
Electric utility goes long.
UK Airport with first USPP.
UK landowner returns.
UK REIT returning after long hiatus.
UK self-storage company goes direct.
Gas-fired assets deal done.
French house builder does EPP.

05/19 Week News:

REIT ups first USPP.
Irish company returns.
JLL with first USPP.
Belgian does USPP after Schuldschein.
Electric cooperative upped and priced.
Saudi 144a deal done.

05/12 Week News:

UK house builder returns.
New plane leasing name launched.
ALDI, Al Di Là.
From the latest CUSIP Trends Report.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
Electric infrastructure company looking.
Ship financing done.
April volume flat to March.

05/05 Week News:

AJ Gallagher agented deal upped and priced.
Electric cooperative launched.
REIT price talk emerges.
Large non-dollar deal.
European airport does Eurobond and shadow USPP.
$1bln deal for AES on the horizon.
UK rail lessor with first USPP.
New plane leasing name rumored.

04/28 Week News:

Amazon lease deal goes tight.
Electric Co-op upped and priced.
New REIT name on desks.
2016 European Private Placement League Tables.
ALDI price talk emerges.
Data Storage REIT comes back for 10-year.
New England utility done.

04/21 Week News:

California NG peaker deal done.

Electric Co-op in the market.

Amazon lease deal launched.

Another sun transaction.

AJ Gallagher back to an agented financing.

Privately held UK company does quiet deal.

ALDI parent is May's business. 

Was a big Apple deal pulled?

New England utility Opco's.

04/14 Week News:

US REIT done.
7-Eleven in the market.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
Another REIT does its first USPP.
Aussie does direct deal.
Costco CTL in market.

04/07 Week News:

Caribbean utility takes another $60mm.
UK trust gives 35bp for 3yr-8mo delayed funding.
March volume flat to Feb; 2017Q1 matching 2016 Q1.
UK hospital does refi partly in USPP market.
Norwegian vessel transaction oversubscribed.
MetLife put $10bln to work last year.
French USPP with French law.
UK REIT follow-up.
French digital solutions company does EPP.

03/31 Week News:

Dutch utility does quiet deal.
French eurobond bests its recent USPP pricing.
Ohio State chooses PPP winner.
Canadian gold miner takes $300mm.
Belgian real estate company does EPP.
USPP-EPP-SSD markets showed well in 2016.
Industrial conglomerate euro deal done.
HC CTL in market.
Whitehall project deal update: Soft circles taken.
Aussie govt-owned outfit in market.
REIT upped and priced.
NatGas generation facility funded.


03/24 Week News:

Transco gets its usual tight pricing.
Another REIT with its first USPP.
Canadian gold miner price talk update.
Carrier hotel company with first USPP.
Italian company does EPP.
From the latest CUSIP Trends Report.
Aussie REIT’s first USPP done.
REIT back for second USPP.

03/17 Week News:

Aussie airport upped; done with delay.
Canadian gold miner back for more.
Private Placement Spread Matrixes.
Electricity distributor long bond done.
REIT’s first USPP priced.
Private People Moves:  NatWest is hiring.
Prudential had biggest year in its history.
UK B2B upped and priced.

03/10 Week News:

Aussie airport launched.
Opco/Holdco deals done.
February volume stays solid. Good start to 2017.
2016 US Private Placement League Tables 
BDC quickly returns.
UK B2B price talk.
2016 issuer count and avg deal size grew Y-O-Y.
Another Norwegian vessel transaction.

03/03 Week News:

RE investment manager prices 1st USPP.
Whitehall brings project deal.
Distribution center CTL in the market.
Opco/Holdco deals in the market.
Another REIT with its first USPP.
Electricity distributor seeks long bond.
Rare PP from No.Ireland upped and priced.
Volume numbers for 2016 show a record year.
GLAS gets US regulatory approval.
Morningstar increases USPP reach.
Real Estate investment manager price talk.
EPP deal done for Italy’s Farmafactoring.


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